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Participate in the Friendly Food Finder community to:

  • Find foods that are potentially safe for your food allergy or sensitivity
  • Find a store that sells the food you’re looking for
  • Help others by recommending your food finds and where you bought them

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Recent Recommendations

Potentially safe for those allergic to:
Milk (Cow), Wheat, Peanut, TreeNut, Egg, Gluten
Potentially safe for those allergic to:
Milk (Cow)
Potentially safe for those allergic to:
Milk (Cow), Egg, Gluten

Through Friendly Food Finder you'll find new food ideas that can help solve your dietary dilemmas. But remember, only you can decide if a food is safe for you to eat. Ingredients and manufacturing plant may change after a food has been entered on this site. Always verify food safety before purchasing any food.

We encourage you to contact us if you have suggestions that can make this site even more useful.

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