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Use this page to search for new foods – then click on the food to find out where it’s sold near you. But remember, only you can make the final determination if a food fits your dietary needs.

Friendly Food Finder is an online community designed to help those with food allergies and sensitivities find foods that meet their needs. The primary source of food information is the community sharing their food finds with each other.


Allergens (Provide at least one)*

Select allergens to avoid below:

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User Contributed Allergens

You may also select one of the other allergens that users have already contributed to the database from the list below.

If you do not see your allergens, use the area below to add them to the site.

Separate allergens with a comma

While any new allergens you provide will not be a part of the search, they will be available when recommending a food. Help others with these allergies by recommending foods that may be safe.

Provide a valid zipcode to help better target searches. All foods matching the search will show. However, locations for purchasing each of the foods will be based on this information.

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