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Share your food finds with the community - enter the food product info below. And don’t forget to include where you found it. We all know how hard it can be to find some allergen free foods.

Friendly Food Finder is an online community designed to help those with food allergies and sensitivities find foods that meet their needs. The primary source of food information is the community sharing their food finds with each other.


Provide the UPC code. We use the UPC code to uniquely identify a product, since differently sized versions of a product may include other ingredients.

How to read a UPC code.
How could people use your food recommendation?
Allergens (Provide at least one)*

Members only: The allergens you selected in your account are (can be) preselected here. Edit your 'My Account' page to change this.

Most Common

Indicate, based on your experience, which allergens the food is free of. For example, if you or a loved one is allergic to wheat but are able to eat the food, check "Wheat." Do not check any allergen if you are not fully sure, even if the packaging touts that it does not contain it. If your allergen is not one of the ones listed, please refer to "User Contributed Allergens" below.

User Contributed Allergens

You may also select one of the other allergens that users have already contributed to the database from the list below.

If you do not see your allergens, use the area below to add them to the site.

Separate allergens with a comma

Your recommendation will be tagged with these new allergens as well as any other allergens you selected.
Where Purchased

Provide the location where you bought the item, if known. If you do not recall where you purchased it, check the box below and skip the rest of the "Where Purchased" section.

Location Selection

To add a store location, you can use one of the store browsers or directly enter store information at the bottom.

Browse stores previously contributed by participants

Use state selection to show cities
Use city selection to show stores
Make Browse Stores selection the purchase location.

Review the information below and click Submit to finish.

Members Only: Select one of your stores.

Make My Locations selection the purchase location.

Review the information below and click Submit to finish.

If you cannot find your store, provide at least the name of the store where you bought the item, the City/URL and the state/Online. If you bought the item at a store, please provide the street address, if known. This information will help others in your area who are looking for where they might find item. Select "Unknown" only if you cannot remember where you purchased it.

Provide a valid zipcode to help better target searches.

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