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Is there a gluten-free menu? Will the chef use a separate cooking area for my food? Will they change the utensil to avoid cross-contamination? Does the meal contain any nut or nut byproducts? [From: "The ultimate guide to allergy-friendly dining," Fox News / The Daily Meal, Aug 2, 2012.]


Note from deborra: The article is written from the perspective of restaurants. There are other websites out there that use peer-reviews of restaurants, much like what we do with finding food products. One example is: http://www.allergyeats.com/.


Kids with a serious food allergy generally have to steer clear of the offending food, but methods now under development could change that common scenario. [From: "Options Increasing for Coping With Kids' Food Allergies," HealthDay News, Aug 3, 2012.]


"Susan Hendricks reports on new findings that tick bites may cause allergies in some people." [from: "Tick bites may cause allergies in humans," CNN Health, July 17, 2012.]



Trading lunch boxes isn't what it used to be.


Overall, about 15 million Americans lay claim to food allergies (as opposed to food intolerances, but more on that later). One out of 13 children may be susceptible. Some allergies can trigger anaphylaxis, when your body goes into immune overload shock. Whether allergens are a peanut, a glass of eggnog, a pat of butter, or a dish of honey walnut prawns, these days more people seem to be rejecting them.


Food allergies (or at least, our ability to diagnose them) are on the rise. But why? [From "Gut reactions on why food allergies are on the rise," Yahoo! News, June 22, 2012.]


It sounds like an unfolding epidemic: A decade ago, virtually no one in the U.S. seemed to have a problem eating gluten in bread and other foods. Now, millions do. [From: "Is your problem gluten? Or faddish eating?," News-Times/AP, July 31, 2012.]


​Note from deborra: While it may appear that the author is unsympathetic at the beginning and end of the article, the core of the article provides a lot of information about long term trends - more so than other articles I found about the same research.



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